Window & Patio Door Replacement in Pasadena, CA

Check out this window and patio door installation our team completed in Pasadena, CA. These new windows and doors will not only boost the curb appeal of the house, but also improve the convenience of all that reside in the house—pets included! Our team installed a pet door to give the furry family member some freedom. The new windows and patio door boast modern features like energy-efficient glass, easy-to-use hardware, and a sleek aesthetic. These windows and doors will help to keep the house comfortable all year round, no matter the weather. They also feature low-maintenance materials that ensure the homeowners have less to worry about regarding upkeep. Not only will these windows and patio door improve the house’s aesthetic and the occupants’ convenience, but they will also help save money on energy bills. The energy-efficient glass and durable construction will help to keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling. The pet door will not pose a security problem while allowing the pet to come and go as it pleases. These windows and patio door are sure to keep the homeowners and their pet comfortable and secure for many years to come. Ready to get started with your window and door project? Give us a call at (818) 696-6757, or click here to schedule a free in-home estimate and consultation!


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