Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you do not find your question here please go to our contact page and drop us a note to have it answered.

A: Prices very based on size, type, and quality. We only carry manufacturers with a long history of making quality American made windows and here in California to support our local economy. Names like Anlin Windows and Milgard Windows that come with a lifetime warranty. So we offer a free in-home estimate where we bring samples to see what the best fit is for you and your home. You can call us or request an estimate by CLICKING HERE or the menu above. 

A: The average lead time for vinyl replacement projects is 3-4 weeks but depends on the manufacturer you have chosen. Colored product takes about 2 weeks longer. Fiberglass, Alum-Clad, and Wood-Clad can take 6 to 8 weeks.

A: We service all of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and parts of Orange County.

A: We only install product we sell. We recommend returning the items and here is why. If you find a contractor that will install a product they do not sell they charge double or triple for installing each item. So in the long run you will spend a lot more for your window project and in most cases have a less quality product. We get a dozen calls a week from customers needing repairs from product they bought in big home improvement stores.

A: Sorry we do not offer glass replacement or fix any kind of broken glass. We sell energy efficient new Replacement Windows and Patio Sliding/French doors.

A: Sorry we only offer patio doors and french doors. We do not do entry or interior doors.

A: Sounds like the seals have broken. We do not offer a repair service that will change the Insulated Glass Unit (IG) out. You can save some money looking for a window glazier for repair and have the same problem a few years from now. If you want to change it for a new window for $150 to $200 more we can help if it is 3 or more windows. Doing 1 window at a time can be expensive and in that case we recommend just contacting a glazier or handy man for the repair.

A:  Sorry we do not offer a meshing and repair service. If you are getting new windows from us, all of them come with new screens.

A: Sorry we do not offer or sell shower doors.

A: Sorry we do not offer or sell mirrors.

A: Sorry we do not sell glass just new windows and patio/french Doors.

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