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When shopping for new replacement windows, a lot more comes into play than how they look. As technology advances, windows are becoming integral to your home’s functionality. Outdated windows can result in energy loss, fading carpets and furniture, and give home intruders an easy entry point. High-quality vinyl windows solve these problems and much more! This article will explain the different packages we offer, the optional upgrades, and their individual features.

Our Different Glass Packages

Anlin Sun Matrix

The Anlin Sun Matrix glass package is perfect for homes in warm and hot climates. It features an internal 4-Layer Low-E coating system. During summer, they deliver optimal solar performance to keep the heat out. On those cold winter days, the advanced coating system will reflect the heat back inside, keeping your home warm. It exceeds Energy Star requirements in all climate zones in the United States. Combined with the QuadraTherm coating, it results in the best U-Factor and Solar Hear Gain values. Here are some of the window’s features:

  • Block 99% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Four layers of low emissivity (Low-E) coating
  • Excellent solar protection
  • Ideal for warm to hot climates
  • Anlin Plus Easy Clean Coating included

Anlin Glass Packages - SunMatrix

Anlin Infinit-E

The Infinit-E glass package will benefit your home no matter what type of climate you live in. It includes a triple layer energy-efficient coating that blocks UV rays and the sun’s heat during the summer and reflects the heat back into your home during the winter. These windows balance high visibility with excellent solar control. Here are some of their features:

  • Ideal for all climates
  • Blocks 95% of the UV rays
  • Includes triple-layer energy-efficient coating
  • Provides excellent solar protection while allowing in a high amount of visible light
  • Includes Anlin Plus Easy Clean Coating

Anlin Glass Packages - Infinit-e

Anlin Sun Shield

The Sun Shield glass package is ideal for homes in extremely warm and hot climates. Their tinted triple energy-efficient coating reflects the sun’s heat away from the home and significantly reduces solar heat gain. It also provides glare control and reduces indoor heat loss during the cold winter days. Here are some of the window’s features:

  •  Blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Provides maximum solar protection against sun exposure and extreme temperatures
  • Ideal for hot climates
  • Triple-layer energy-efficient coating
  • Provides anti-glare protection with its blue/gray tint
  • Includes Anlin Plus Easy Clean Coating

Anlin Glass Packages - SunShield

Additional Window Upgrades

Anlin Sound Package

The Anlin Sound Package provides windows with sound suppression technology to greatly reduce outdoor noise from traveling into your home. The glass panes are of different thicknesses, which breaks down sound waves, making your home substantially quieter. They can reduce unwanted noise by up to 50%! This optional upgrade can be added to any Anlin glass packages and is perfect for windows throughout your home or windows facing the street or other sources of noise.


Anlin QuadraTherm

Anlin QuadraTherm provides windows with maximum thermal insulation and reflects heat back into the home. This keeps the inside of the house warm when it’s cold outdoors. Argon Gas between the glass panes even further improves thermal performance and helps you save on heating costs every month. The QuadraTherm optional upgrade can combine with any of Anlin’s glass packages.

Anlin PLUS Easy Clean Coating

The new and improved PLUS Easy Clean Coating added to the glass exterior breaks down greenhouse gases like methane and other pollutants. This advanced coating harnesses UV rays to break down dirt, making windows easy to clean. Windows will dry three times faster and have fewer visible water spots compared to uncoated glass. Anlin PLUS Easy Clean Coating is available on all Anlin glass packages.


Tempered Glass

Anlin’s 4X Tempered Safety Glass is a great way to add safety and security to your home! They are up to four times stronger than standard glass, and if broken, will break into small safe pieces. You’ll rest easy knowing your windows come with additional strength and safety! To learn more, check out our blog about them.


The Anlin First Guard Laminated Security Glass is an incredible safety glass package. If broken, the glass will attach to a plastic film inserted between the panes instead of falling to the floor. Even when broken, the interlayer keeps the glass bonded together, so you don’t have sharp glass pieces lying around. To learn more, you can check out our blog about Anlin’s laminated glass.

American Deluxe Is Here to Help

When it comes to windows, know that American Deluxe gives you options! Whether you want to increase security, keep your home warm during winter, or prevent furniture fading, we’ve got the glass package for you! If you are unsure which package is best for you or have any questions, we are happy to help! You can reach us at (818) 696-6757 or contact us directly on our website.

"Tony and Joe ran point on this project and their team did a terrific job. I was impressed that the lead time was only 4 weeks even during this challenging time. Anlin doors were installed within a few hours and operate extremely well. Love the double lifetime warranty. Thank you!"

Nick B., Los Angeles, CA

"SO so happy with my living room window and sliding door ..... Gevor and his team did amazing. Professional from day one when he came to give me a quote and measure to installation. They cleaned after themselves and even cleaned my counters from the dust lol.... I can't wait for my others windows to be installed..... thank you Gevor see you soon"

Carol S., Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA

"Tony, Gevor and his team did an amazing job taking out our old French doors and replacing them with a huge picture window. They did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations. It looks like a piece art. They really took their time, they were extremely professional and I will highly recommend them to anyone that asks."

Rob G. , Los Angeles, CA

"Great at what they do. They represent their company very well. They clean up everything they have created as far as trash goes. They were very cautious at what they did around our house great overall job we will recommend 100%."

Parsam M. , North Hills, CA

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