Window Replacement in North Hollywood, CA.

Another window replacement project in the books! Check out this window replacement project we recently completed in North Hollywood, CA. For this project, we replaced several windows throughout the home. And what’s more, we also had the honor of replacing their sliding patio door as well. Our experts worked closely with the homeowners so that they could get exactly what they were looking for in their new replacements. For the bigger rooms, they selected large slider windows that allow for amazing views, ventilation, and natural light. And for the kitchen and bathroom, they chose an awning window style that opens easily for enhanced ventilation. However, do note the differences between the two awnings in the two spaces. The kitchen awning has clear glass, and the bathroom window is set with a textured glass selection. The textured glass allows for privacy while still letting in natural lighting. As for the patio door, it is set with expansive glasses that seamlessly combine the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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