Window Replacement in Glendale, CA

Window Replacement in Glendale, CA

Check out this window replacement in Glendale, CA., that our team recently took on. It’s spring, and the homeowners couldn’t have picked a better time to upgrade the windows in their home. With moderate temperatures, replacing your windows around this time of year will keep you from experiencing a flood of cold or hot air in your home during installations.

For this project, we were tasked with installing a combination of sliding and picture windows. The previous windows were drab and had a privacy texture that wasn’t entirely necessary in this space. With the windows up high on the wall, there isn’t a problem with people peering into the home. With these new windows, the homeowners can get a clear view of the blue skies outside and enjoy ample natural lighting from within. Our team worked efficiently and with every detail in mind so homeowners could enjoy their newly enhanced space.

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